Friday, May 13, 2011

普天間と嘉手納基地を統合する提案 A plan to combine Futenma and Kadena bases

This is interesting news. 3 American Senators are talking about a plan to combine the Marine base at Futenma with the US Air Force base in Kadena.

Watching the television news, local officials in Okinawa said they are against the plan, citing increased noise at Kadena.


However, the plan proposed by the American Senator's says that some Air Force units will be be based to other areas of the Pacific region. So the noise level might not increase all that much.


I think this is a way out of the basing impasse for the moment. As I see this, it is an overall reduction of numbers in US military personnel on Okinawa.


I think this is a good step for Japan concerning the base problem. Of course, I understand the feelings of Okinawan people, they want all American military personnel to leave now.


Actually, I want all US military to leave Japan quickly. But it will not be an easy process. In the end, I see small units of Americans here, with the occasional visit by a US unit, as long as America exists. Compromises will have to be made by both sides.


Base consolidation is an important big step in reducing the US military presence in Japan. I think we should do this.


And why did America make this offer? I think they are too broke to build Henoko themselves, and they realize that Japan, devastated by the recent earthquake, is too strained to pay for a new US base. And above all, they don't want Japan to sell American National Bonds.


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