Tuesday, October 2, 2012

オスプレイの問題はもう始まりましたか? Is the Osprey already in trouble?

Well the Osprey's in Japan are already in trouble.  According to NHK, two aircraft In Iwakuni Yamaguchi Prefecture are unable to fly and join the others, which have flown to Futenma in Okinawa.  They are under repair and awaiting spare parts on the ground in Iwakuni.


This is very strange.  I would assume that when the Osprey's were first deployed to Iwakuni, all necessary parts for normal operations would have been sent along with them.




Also, I would assume that since so much depends on flawless operation of these first aircraft, America would have sent the most reliable Osprey aircraft they could find.


They arrived in late July, and test flights began in September, and 2 out of 12 aircraft are already grounded?  Since a crane has been spotted working on one of the engines, it would seem that the repair is rather major.  It does not look good.


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