Thursday, October 4, 2012

尖閣諸島について、中国の国民への手紙 A letter to the People of China about the Senkaku islands

At the present time, there is great trouble between Japan and China.  I was very sad to see so many people in China, rioting and destroying Japanese businesses. 


Except, many of these businesses are actually Chinese owned.  Even those stores owned by Japanese, well they employ Chinese people.  You are hurting your own people.


And all this is about some very small islands.  The truth is, they are not very important.  I certainly don't think that the issue is worth a war.  But it seems that many people in China are calling for a war.


As I have written in my blog, even without American help, Japan can defeat an attempted Chinese invasion of one of our islands.  This includes the Senkaku islands.


But what then?  How would we resolve things?  Would there be call for revenge?  In any case, bombs would be dropped on islands, ships sunk.  Is it worth it, just for pride?


I was very surprised to learn that Governor Ishihara first proposed to buy the Senkaku islands in a speech at the American Heritage foundation.


This is a very conservative organization.


I do not like to engage in conspiracy games.  But I was surprised when Governor Ishihara made his announcement to buy the Senkaku islands.  Japan already controls the islands, what difference does it make?


However the fact that Governor Ishihara made the announcement on the premises of such an American conservative organization fills me with unease.  I know that the Governor does not like China.  But I have long been a fan his, because of his tough stand towards America, and for his criticisms of the strangeness of present Japanese society.  And personally, I do not share his feelings towards China.


But I think in this case he has been duped by Americans with a desire to create trouble.


There are a lot of Americans who want to fight a war somewhere.


The truth is, America is a nation in serious decline, financially, environmentally, and American infrastructure is disintegrating.


These Americans are impatient.  They want to start a war somewhere just to show that America is still strong, just for pride.


They envision a future world where Japan and Korea will obey America, and send our soldiers to die in some war in some country, for America's profit, in place of American soldiers.


There have been many plots and schemes over the past few years to start a war with Iran.


President Obama finally had to state that we would not attack Iran.  But there are still many Americans plotting to start a war with Iran.


It may not be a coincidence, that this Senkaku problem has arisen at the same time the United States is deploying a dangerous aircraft, the Osprey, to Japan.  Very correctly, the Japanese people are concerned about this aircraft.


But the Chinese reaction to the Senkaku issue has made everyone concerned.  Frankly, it increases the possibility of war by mistake.


Japanese firms are now looking for other places to business than China.


Also, your own country China, has become very unstable politically.


Well, our country Japan, is unstable politically.  The difference is, in China, events occur behind a curtain of smoke, where in Japan, they are in the media for all to see.


That is what it means to be a Democratic country.  And the countries of the world will be much more willing to cooperate with Japan.  It is much easier to see what is going on.


I understand the reason for your drive to be proud of your country.  I know very well about the European colonial era, and how they divided up the world, including Asia.


Now America has taken over the role of colonial power in Asia.  Americans don't realize this, but it is true.  However, internal troubles, financial meltdown, environmental disasters such as drought, will soon destroy America's ability to interfere in the rest of the world.


That leaves your country and mine, Japan in Asia.  Along with Russia, and perhaps South Korea, we are going to have to find a way to get along.


Frankly speaking, the greatest proof that the islands are Japanese is the fact that from 1895 to 1940 a Katsuoboshi factory was on the islands, with several hundred inhabitants.


Since Japan was the only nation to settle the islands, and the settlement was not disputed, this would indicate ownership to virtually every country in the world.


Yes, I know that in China people will get angry at this.  But is it worth all the trouble that will arise?


If there is some effort by China to conquer the islands, China will be seen as a dangerous and aggressive nation by the world.  You will lose a lot in prestige.


Also at the present time, your country is making strong claims to many islands in the South China sea.  That are also claimed by other nations.


China is presently using old records, old maps to say that it owns the islands.  Of course, these islands are also uninhabited, and to my knowledge never were.


If you notice my name, you will see that I am of German blood. 


In my heart, this is the true map of Germany.  It is from the year 1914.


A large reason for the Second World War in Europe was to return German territories that had been lost in in the First World War.


Germany had a much stronger claim to these territories than does China than does China to uninhabited islands.  The territories involved were actually populated by German people, living under foreign rule.


Yet after the Second World War, this is Germany today.


Germany actually lost much territory, and still there is an American Army in Germany.


I think it time to create a commission to resolve the territorial issue in the South China Sea.  All countries, including China, should be a party.


Engaging in such negotiation would greatly increase the trust in China. 


Nobody in Japan wants a war with China.  But remember, wars are easy to start, difficult to finish, and one cannot guess at the outcome.


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