Wednesday, October 10, 2012

アメリカ、軍事力を見せる必要が有る国です。 America, the land that must show it's military strength

The other day, I met one of my blog readers.  She mentioned that having read my last blog entry, she was surprised that I mentioned that Americans feel a need to show strength to other countries.


The strange thing is that I never thought about it much.  Well I was born in America.  Such feelings are like the air in America, they are everywhere.


In America, the Democratic Party is seen as the party of international military weakness, while the Republican Party is seen as the party of international military strength.


Just for fun, I decided to include a google search link in this post. 


The words in the search are:


"Romney accuses Obama of weakness on.........."


Now read that list.  Candidate Romney has said that President Obama is weak on Iran, the Middle East, Everywhere.  His accusation is that such a weak foreign policy puts America in danger.  It imagines that there are people all around the world, waiting for their chance to attack America.


So the Right wing answer to this problem is to be constantly attacking America's enemies.  Also, since Democrats are always accused of being weak, Democratic Presidential administrations also use American military force internationally.


For example, since becoming President, Barack Obama has greatly increased the use of drones in the Middle East.


The thing here is, the President is killing people who have done nothing to the United States.  The issue here is, some Americans think that someday, these people might attack America because of their religion or political philosophy.  So to be safe, America should kill them first. 


In fact, President Obama himself makes the decisions who is to die in weekly conferences.  All this so as not to appear weak to the American public.


Yet he is constantly accused of weakness by the American political Right.  The President has proposed to decrease the rate of increase in the defense budget, the political Right screams that he is weakening America.


Even inside America, the government is looking for enemies.  TSA is patrolling domestic transport looking for terrorists.


However, since 9/11, despite all this effort to find terrorists, the US government has found 0 terrorists.  Not one.  That is because there aren't any.


The truth is, at the present time, America is the greatest world military power, ever.


Look at World aircraft carriers.


America has 24.  At the present time, The UK has zero, those four carriers are planned, but Britain really cannot afford them.


In defense spending, America is certainly the greatest.


No country can possibly attack America. 


Yet Americans always live in fear of being attacked by someone.  To prevent a possible attack, Americans stage pre-emptive attacks around the world.


This has created resentment around the world.  America used to be a country that people around the world loved and respected.  But more and more it is becoming a country that people resent and dislike.


Fear is central to the American way of thinking.  Since living in Japan for 38 years, I have lost my sense of fear of the world.  But for Americans, their fear has only grown stronger.


Because of it's fear of appearing weak, America is a country that cannot make peace, only war.


It is a shame.


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