Thursday, August 21, 2008

何故私は大相撲を好き?  So why do I like Sumo?

When I first started watching Sumo, about 5 years ago, it simply seemed to be two guys going at each other.


Then if you watch about a week or so, you begin to see how the various techniques are used. And then you start to watch who will get Kachi-Koshi or not.


By this time, you are hooked.


I cannot think of a sport in America that so totally becomes your life. A Sumo Rikishi does nothing but Sumo for his entire professional life. When you are beginning in the lower ranks, you are totally focused on trying to rise in rank, and to serve your superiors. This is made easier by the fact that all Rikishi live together in communal style in a Beya.


Once you rise to the higher ranks, you are still attending special events, and meeting with sponsors. Sumo becomes a way of life, and how you act off the Dohyo is just as important.


It is one aspect of Japanese life that has been unaffected by contact with the West.

And it is a very equal sport. There are no weight divisions. The smallest Rikishi will meet the biggest in the Dohyo. Winning or losing depends solely on ability.


Sumo is a very visual sport, with much ceremony with ancient history. To watch the entrance ceremony of the Juryo and Makuuchi, with everyone in their Kessho Mawashi, and the special entrance of the Yokozuna, is a grand spectacle.


I recommend to everybody reading this, if you have never seen a Sumo tournament go. You will be pleasantly surprised.

私の読者たちへ、お相撲場所をまだ見た事がないのでしたら、どうぞ、行って 下さい。楽しいですよ!

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