Wednesday, January 21, 2009

アメリカのビール American Beer

Well, now we have a new President in America. And you would like to celebrate in style. However, the very famous, common American brands of beer available in Japan, well you might think they are rather weak, lacking something.

それでは、現在アメリカに新しい大統領がやっと就任しました。 そして、貴方は何とかかっこよくお祝いしたいです。しかし、貴方の気持ちは日本であちらこちらで売られているアメリカのビールは味が薄い、何か物足りないと思っています。

May I make a suggestion? There are three brands of beer in Japan that are in my opinion, quite good. They may be a little bit hard to find, but some liquor stores, supermarkets, bars, and restaurants carry them.


These beers are Samuel Adams, Henry Weinhard’s and Anchor Steam. So go out and get one of these beers, and find a great way to celebrate the inauguration of President Obama.


Bottoms up! Cheers! 乾杯!

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