Wednesday, January 7, 2009

オバマ次期大統領と温暖化  President elect Obama and Global Warming

There is a lot of speculation in the American media about what President elect Barack Obama will do once he assumes office. Most of the speculation concentrates on the wars in the Middle East, or on the American economy.


For his own part, President elect Obama has remained silent. He says that the United States of America has only one President at time, and until January 20th, George Bush is still President. This is a correct approach. However, he has gradually been appointing members of his cabinet, and appointing the heads of various agencies.


Many people in the US, in the media and the Blogosphere are worried. They see Barack Obama picking former Clinton officials, and even some Republicans. They worry that President elect Obama will not make a great change over his predecessor.


For my own part, I am quite pleased. All across the board, I see President elect Obama picking smart intelligent people. This is quite a difference from the Bush administration, where the only criteria for a government job was loyalty to George Bush.


But I am especially pleased with Barack Obama’s picks in regard to Science. Professor John Holdren, of Harvard University, will be the White House Science Advisor. He is highly critical of the Bush administration approach to Global Warming, and science in general. Basically, the Bush administration policy towards Climate Change can be summed up in the phrase that “President Bush put his head in the sand”.

特に、私は、オバマ次期大統領の科学相談者として選んだ人に嬉しいです。ハーバード大学のジョンホルデュレン教授は、ホワイトハウスの科学相談者に成ります。彼は ブッシュ政権の温暖化と科学についての政策を強く批評しています。基本的に、ブッシュ政権温暖化の政策は、“無視しましょう!”と説明出来ます。

Americans worry much about military affairs and the possibility of terrorism. But I will say that Global Warming is much more dangerous than terrorism. Terrorism is a minor problem that should be handled by police forces of various nations cooperatively. President Bush made a serious mistake in starting wars with major military forces. He has created more chaos, instead of solving problems.


However Global Warming is here right now. Last summer in Japan we experienced heavy sudden rainstorms, which we called in Japanese “Guerrilla Downpours”. These are not at all normal. Where I grew up in the American Great Lakes region, I was used to heavy thunderstorms. When I moved to Japan 35 years ago, I was surprised that Japan did not have such storms.


Well that was 35 years ago. I live in Suginami ward Tokyo. Last summer I was awestruck by a huge thunderhead that I could see moving across central Saitama prefecture. From Suginami. There was something like three lightning strikes a second. It looked like that thundercloud scene in Tom Cruise’s movie, “The War of the Worlds”. I watched for some 20 minutes, and it was very frightening.


Well Global Warming should be frightening. If we do nothing, human life will be impossible on Earth within 100 years. We have already passed the danger point with greenhouse gases of 350 ppm. We are now at 385 ppm.


What this means is that simply cutting our emissions of greenhouse gases will not save us. Thanks to George Bush, it is too late.


Yet there is hope, and here is where I admire and support Barack Obama. We are going to have to Bio Engineer our atmosphere. And we do have strong possibilities; one idea I like is massive algae farms to capture Carbon Dioxide.


I have written much about how America is in trouble. Well you don’t have to read my blog, just pick up any newspaper; you will see that America has serious problems. The Bush administration was a total disaster. In fact, it can be said that George Bush tried to destroy science to advance Fundamentalist Christianity. But to fight Global Warming, we will need the science powerhouse of America. And there still is a lot of scientific knowledge and resources in America. George Bush could not destroy all American knowledge.

私はこのブログで、よくアメリカの問題について書いています。まあ、私のブログを読まなくても 、どんな新聞を読んでいても、アメリカが深い問題をいっぱい有る事がよく分かります。ブッシュ政権は、完璧失敗です。正直に、ブッシュ大統領は原理主義キリスト教を勧める為に、科学と知識を消す動力を行ったと言います。けれど、温暖化に勝つ為に、アメリカの科学が必要です。アメリカに、まだ知識と研究所がいっぱい有ります。ブッシュ大統領は、アメリカの知識をすべて消しませんでした 。

The planet Earth does still have Hope, and his name is Barack Obama.


Put his head in the sand アメリカ人はこの言葉をよく使います。例えば、アフリカの大平地を想像して下さい。ダチョウが歩いています。突然、お腹がすいているライオンが出てきます!怖い!しかし、ダチョウはどうする?逃げもしない。戦うでもしない。自分の頭を砂の中に入れて、もう怖いライオンを見えない、ダチョウは安心します。



Unknown said...

Hi Max,

I am Hideki from Q-land. I visit your blog often and being impressed by interesting stories and opinion.

I agree we need scientific revolution to change the global warming. And we need Barack Obama for that change.

Algae farm not only absorbs carbon dioxide but also produces bio fuel. Sunshine states such as Florida and California are ideal place for the farm. Algae in tube would produce maximum level of growth.

See you later,


Max von Schuler-Kobayashi said...


Thank you for yor opinion. I will do my best to keep writing.