Friday, October 29, 2010

茶会と暴力的な政治活動 Tea Party violence in the American Mid term elections

The American mid term elections will be held in a few days. Yet, I rather surprised at the violence of this election. Frankly, I have never seen such a violent election in recent American history.


In the third paragraph of the above link, it mentions people on the Right bringing AR-15s to Tea Party political rallies.


This is what it is. AR-15はこれです。

It is a military weapon, but legally people can own such guns in the United States.


At a political rally for Republican candidate for the Senate from Kentucky, Rand Paul, a Right wing supporter stomps on the head of a Democrat present at the rally.


Security Guards for Alaskan Senatorial Candidate Joe Miller arrest and handcuff a reporter at a public speaking event.


The Security Guards had no legal power to arrest anybody. Later investigation showed that two of the Security Guards were active duty military personnel. It is illegal for active duty military personnel in the United States to participate in a political campaign.


President Obama's health care plan has sparked vandalism against the offices of Democratic Party Congress persons, and death threats against their children.

Senatorial candidate for Nevada, Sharron Angle, has said that the 2nd amendment to the US Constitution should be used to control the United States Congress. The 2nd amendment guarantees Americans the right to have private weapons, guns.


What she means here, and every American understands this, is that any member of Congress that she disagrees with should be shot.


All of these people are Tea Party candidates. In this election, political violence form the left has been negligible, while on the Right it is common.


Just what is happening? I have been writing about the possibility of American Civil War on my blog. I think it is now becoming reality. The Tea Party now totally dominates the American Republican Party. The Christian Fundamentalist movement dominates the Tea Party.


The actions and words of the people I have linked to above, are not Democratic. They intend violent revolution, they are now saying it and acting in that way. But these are not some crazy person who lives alone in the woods.


These are candidates for the United States Senate, which after the Presidency, is probably the second most respected public office in the United States of America.


Whether they get elected or not, their actions and rhetoric guarantee much more violence in the United States. Now. This year.


I have written about the Tea Party and their concept of revolution before.


And about Civil War.


And on how the US military can no longer be entirely trusted to obey the orders of the President.


If the Military cannot be trusted, there is no organization that can be trusted to maintain the present government and society of the United States of America.


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