Thursday, September 15, 2011

アメリカ茶会の残酷さ The cruelty of the Tea Party

Last monday, there was an appearance of the Republican candidates for President of the United States of America on CNN television. I have long written on this blog about the Tea Party and how it is backed by the Christian Fundamentalist movement and a few big businesses.


But what about the average members of the Tea Party? Well, from what I have seen, they are very cruel and mean spirited people. And during that CNN appearance an incident happened that shocked me. Towards the end of the show, Wolf Blitzer, a CNN reporter asked a hypothetical question of Representative Ron Paul.

しかし、普通の茶会の人はどう言う人ですか?私が見たのは、やはり彼達は残酷、心が狭い人達でした。そのCNN番組途中で、一つの出来事が有って、私はショックに成りました。番組の終わり位で、CNNレポーター ウルフ・ブリッツァーさんは、候補者ロン・ポールさんに仮想的な質問を聞きました。

The question, about health care was, "What would do with the case of a healthy 30 year old man with a good job, decides that he does not want to have health care. He suddenly gets sick, goes into a coma, and without immediate hospitalization he will die." The question was should this man receive hospitalization.


Congressman Ron rather dodged the question. He said it is individual responsibility. However Mr. Blitzer asked him directly, "Would you let this person die?" Again, the Congressman tried to avoid a direct answer. But it was the reaction of the studio audience that really surprised me.


In answer to the question, "Would you let this man die?" several people in the studio audience called out "Yeah!". That means they care so little about another American, another human being, that he should die because he chose not to buy health insurance.

その質問にたいして、”この人、そのまま死んでもいいですか?” 観客の方から、何人かは、”いいじゃない!”と叫びました。その意味は、その人達は本当に心が冷たく、有る人が保険に加入しなくても死んでもいいと考えています。

Below is a video link of the incident.


There are several main debates going on in American society, and the issue of whether to have a national health insurance plan is one.


And Right wing anger has not been limited to this incident.


In the below link, Tea Party people are mocking a person with Parkinson's disease at a demonstration in Washington D.C..


This next incident really upset me. It happened in Chicago, the city I was born in. A local Congressman was holding a town hall meeting to present his case for National Health care.


As a speaker, he brought a married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Hough. Their situation was, their son's wife had died. She had become pregnant at the age of 24, and could not afford health care. She contacted pneumonia, and died, along with the baby.


The reaction of the Tea Party people? They laughed and jeered, saying it was the family's fault.


Below is a video link of the incident.


What is wrong with Americans? Well some Americans. The Tea Party is about 18% of Americans.


These people are selfish and cruel. They care about no one except themselves.


Today's world is very interconnected. America has many problems, such as global warming induced drought, and financial collapse. Well, in today's world, America's troubles are also Japan's problems. And they also affect the rest of the world.


It is now being said that the Tea Party is the strongest driving force in American politics. But what are we to do when this driving force is made up of such cruel and selfish people, who laugh at the misfortune and deaths of their own citizens?


If the Tea Party members can be so terrible to Americans, how will Tea Party people think of Japan?


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