Thursday, September 8, 2011

いったい、アメリカはどう成っているのですか? Just what is going on with America?

Recently, I saw an article in the news that the United States postal service is nearly bankrupt. Well the US postal service does not have a bank like the Japanese system does, or insurance.

However, I think a postal service is an essential service of the nation, and should be maintained. There are some services that need to remain in government, not private, hands. And private companies only think of profit, not a comprehensive, nationwide service.


The article says that the US postal Service could close this year.


What is happening to America? Almost every day I read some aspect of American decline in the news. Yet with all America's financial troubles, America is sending billions of dollars of military equipment to Afghanistan. Afghanistan cannot pay for this equipment, and they do not have soldiers trained to use it.


When is America going to understand that this is a hopeless and useless war? The only solution is to just leave. When America thinks about relations with a country, it seems they can only think in terms of bases and military equipment.


What about in American politics, what are Presidential candidates saying?


Well President Obama seems to have the strategy of saying that his Right Wing opposition is dangerously crazy. This is true but, I wish that President Obama had some actual accomplishments in three years. He compromises with the Right too much.


Mitt Romney seems to be concentrating on not angering the Tea Party. That plan is not working too well. He is a Morman, they will not like him no matter how smart he is. Actually, these days on the American Right, being an intelligent political candidate is a handicap. American Right wing voters feel that intelligence is a sign of Elitism, and that you are not an average person. They don't like that, they want people just as stupid as they are.


Michelle Bachmann says that US Corporations should not pay any tax. This is the "trickle down" theory of economics. Basically it means that if rich people pay less taxes and have more money, their spending will cause economic activity and more jobs. The actual result is that America has one of the greatest income gaps in the world. And the American Middle Class is dying.


And, there is not enough money to pay for a postal service, who will cover it then? The only solution I can see to Michelle Bachmann's plan is that taxes rise for the average person.


To save money, Michelle Bachmann wants to eliminate the Department of Education and all public schools.

Academically, American children are already the worst educated in the First World. Michelle Bachmann says that parents should educate their children not schools. What she really means here is the Christian Right home schooling program. Their mission is to create a "Generation Joshua" of Christian Warriors to take over and rule American society according to their radical Christian views.


I am very sorry, but to manage a technical society like America is now, people educated in science are necessary. With Michelle Bachmann's plan, it will result in many people who know the Bible and nothing else, and the lifestyle of Americans will drop to something like medieval France in the year 900.


Governor Rick Perry of Texas is also running for President. Texas is in crisis right now. Wildfires are raging across the state.


Governor Rick Perry shows us what it means to be a Christian conservative. He cut the budget for fire departments, so now there is not enough equipment to fight all the fires. Evacuation centers are few, and there are too many people.


Texas along with many other states is in serious drought.


It is scientific fact human caused global warming is causing the US drought. Also that this drought is going to get worse and spread across the US.


But as a Christian Fundamentalist, Governor Perry does not believe in science, or global warming. So what was his solution to the drought? Pray.


So if elected President, what will Rick Perry do about the default negotiations that must be redone next year. More prayer? What will Michelle Bachmann do with education, will American children to be able to function in society? Simply pray that they will be capable of performing the complex work needed to maintain America as a modern nation?


Pray that without corporations paying taxes there will be enough revenue to run the nation?


This seems to be their plan. And in my point of view, looking at things now, they have a strong possibility of winning the election.


I have many Japanese friends who have long admired America, they ask me what has happened. Frankly, when two of the major candidates to be President of the United States are such crackpots, I think it is a sad day for America.


We have had enough of stupid Presidents with George Bush. America cannot survive another idiot President.


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