Tuesday, January 22, 2013

安倍総理大臣/オバマ大統領の会談は2月で可能ですか? Is an Abe/Obama meeting on in February?

A few days ago, I read this article in the "The Japan Times".  It again listed the various demands that Prime Minister Obama must satisfy before President Obama will meet him.

数日前に、英字新聞"The Japan Times"で、下記の記事を読みました。もう一度、安倍総理大臣とオバマ大統領の会談を行なう前に、オバマ大統領が満足しなければ成らない要求を書いています。


I got rather angry.  And one demand, to buy more US beef, well, that is laughable.  Very soon because of drought, there will no longer be a US beef industry in existence.



However, I have seen a report from a Washington insider, that says a visit between the two leaders will happen in the 3rd week of February.  Without preconditions. 


The reason is, Americans read many reports in the Japanese media that America was insulting Japan.


Well, yes, the Presidential refusal was a tremendous insult.  I am guessing, but perhaps one reason for the problem was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


From her statements, I know she is very angry about the Comfort Women issue, and personally wants Japan to apologize all over again.  She is very misinformed about the issue.


So as a guess, because of Japanese media protests, some person talked some sense to the American President.


This is good.


But we still must be careful of American demands, they still want TPP.


And TPP, to put it simply, is a surrender of Japanese national sovereignty to American corporations.



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