Friday, January 11, 2013

アメリカニューヨーク州議会が慰安婦問題で日本に強要しています。 The New York State Legislature is extorting Japan about Comfort Women

Americans are screaming about the "Comfort Women" again.  This time it is the New York State Legislature.


This is not only insulting, it is extortion.  Japan has apologized and paid compensation.  Many times.


No matter how often we apologize, or pay compensation, Americans and Koreans ignore it and demand more.  It is never ending.


One thing.  The New York State legislature here has performed an illegal act.  They have no
power to conduct foreign policy.


But the Abe administration should demand an apology from the US Federal government, and the US Federal government should reprimand the New York State legislature.


This would show that America values it's relationship with Japan.  Otherwise, well that proves that America does not respect Japan, and is merely using us as a doormat.


If the Japanese government does nothing, in the future I think these Korean Americans will begin starting court cases against Japanese firms and prominent individuals in America, and demand money form them.


Eventually, the Japanese/American relationship will become impossible.


It is time to stand up and be proud of being Japanese.


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