Monday, January 7, 2013

やはりアメリカにとって、日本は重要じゃない?それとも、アメリカの崩壊が近いだけ? So Japan is not important to America? Or is America about to bite the dust?

Is this true?  Prime MInister Abe is not welcome in Washington?


President Obama is too busy?


I was born in America, and this is a serious insult.  If the President of Albania, or Prince Albert II of Monaco was told that the US President was too busy to meet them, that would not be an insult.  They are small and unimportant countries.


Japan is a much more important country than Albania.


The thing is, on a visit like this, the two leaders usually only meet for an hour or so for a photo opportunity.  Any serious discussion is done by staff members.


This would particularly be true in the case of a visit like this.   As I understand, it is a tradition for new Japanese Prime MInisters to pay their first overseas visit to Washington.


This is to show the importance that Japan puts on the Japanese/American relationship.


However, President Obama is just to busy to spare just one hour.


I have often been saying, Japan should not join TPP.  We should not buy the American Osprey.  Why should we have such a binding trade relationship as TPP, or why should we such a dangerous aircraft as the Osprey, from a country that does not respect us?


Yet we are the number 3 economy in the world, and the bases located in Japan are extremely important for America's world wide war effort.


And Japanese people have a deep and honest love for America.  Chinese people would never have such a love for another nation.


I am very surprised that the American President could not make time to meet out Prime Minister.


Or really, perhaps the truth is, that America is so near collapse, from drought, from Republican Congress people that want to push America into default in another two months, that the President actually does not have time.


Then that means, all those Treasury bonds that Japan holds, will soon be worthless.


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