Thursday, October 10, 2013

Default, American twilight 債務不履行、アメリカのたそがれ

There is less than a week before the American debt ceiling limit.  We have had the Sequester in March.


And now the Shutdown in October.


Next week comes the debt ceiling limit.


I think my Japanese readers are in shock.  In general, Japanese people have always admired America, and looked to America for world leadership.


Many of my Japanese friends have always been surprised when speaking with me, I would say that Japan should prepare to pursue a more independent course from America.


I have said this not because America is some evil nation, no
of course not.


This is because having grown up in America, I have always known there was this potential for self destruction.   And now that day has come.


In my last blog post, I talked about the Christian Fundamentalist movement, how it is a revolutionary organization.


The Christian Fundamentalist flag.


The Christian Fundamentalist flag in use.


For Japanese people, I think it is very hard to understand the religious nature of American society.


OK, this article provides a good explanation of the Christian fundamentalist movement's ideals.


The Christian Fundamentalist/Tea Party movement are on a mission from God.  Most mainline Christian denominations rely on persuasion to seek converts.  And they do not interfere in politics.  But the Christian fundamentalists use force.  They believe that present American society is very sinful.  They believe that to save America, it must be destroyed.  Only then can America have it's rightful place in the eyes of God.


Very unfortunately, such modern social projects in American society like Gay Marriage anger the Christian fundamentalists extremely.


So in their mind, they are purifying the Republican party.  They are using their numbers to destroy people who are in their mind, impure.


This is why moderate Republicans like Olympia Snowe have been forced to quit.


John Boehner is being attacked to control him.  His leadership of the Republican party is being threatened.  Mitch McConnell, who has previously helped craft a compromise, has been forced to return to his home state to defend himself from Tea Party challenges.


One way the Tea Party can challenge such long term Republican party politicians is that as a religious group, they can bring in many volunteers from across the nation.  They will then go door to door in the targeted politician's district, and destroy his support.


And many of the Tea Party people themselves don't believe defaulting on America's debt to be a bad thing.


Well to understand that sort of thinking, remember, these are very religious people.  They believe that somehow God will protect them, that after a time of trouble, a more pure America can be created.


Of course to most Americans, the America they want to create would be a religious fascist state.  This does not bother the American Christian Fundamentalists.


Most Americans just don't understand the danger.  They believe America is country where religious freedom is guaranteed.  They cannot understand that 25% of Americans would try to destroy that freedom.


I have seen news reports about how this event is damaging the Republican party.  To the average American, the Republicans must be insane.  Their popularity numbers are dropping in polls.


What the average American does not understand is that the Tea Party and the Christian Fundamentalist movement do not care what happens to the Republican party.  For them, this is a revolutionary moment, it is much more important to create a Christian Fundamentalist state to save America.


I think this is because of American Exceptionalism.  Americans believe their country to be immune to revolutions from within.  Of course, this is not true, America is composed of humans, and humans do bad things.


Meanwhile, Investors are dumping American Treasury bills.


John Boehner is trying for a six week extension of the debt ceiling.


I believe he is a sane man who does not want to destroy America.  Yet I do not think he will succeed in this six week extension effort.  The religious Right is feeling victory.  And in any case six weeks takes us to the beginning of December, and this fight will happen all over again.


There is no power in America that can control the Religious Right.  And they dominate the American military officer corps.


So, I think we are standing on the brink of new era in the world, where America disintegrates as a world power.


What should Japan do?  It is time to get ready.  Change is coming.  And Japan will become the most powerful country in Asia.


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