Wednesday, October 30, 2013

従軍慰安婦、朝鮮併合の歌! Songs about Korea, Comfort Women and Annexation

I have long been discussing the Comfort Woman problem on my blog.


Koreans keep bashing Japan with total historical falsehoods.


Well, in two songs, The beautiful Yoko Mada clears things up.  She addresses the Comfort Woman problem, and the annexation of Korea.  This should be especially interesting for my English speaking readers since she sings in English.

二つの歌で、Mada Yokoさんははっきり説明します。従軍慰安婦問題と朝鮮併合の事を歌っています。特に、彼女は英語で歌っていますから、私の英語の母国語の読者の為に興味に成るでしょう。

There is one area where I will admit Korea is unique.  That is in bringing national fantasies into policy.


Asserting that all world civilization originated with Koreans brings ridicule.


And all this lying about the history of the war, and a few rocks in the Japan sea, well they have destroyed their own tourist industry.

And the world calls it the Japan Sea, not the East Sea as Koreans scream about.



Without Japan, Korea would have never become a modern industrialized nation.  I think what they are doing today is a disgrace.


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