Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Virginia gun showdown バージニア州銃の対決

It is now two weeks away from a major showdown in Virginia over gun rights.


On January 20th, a rally will held in Richmond Virginia to demonstrate for their second amendment gun rights as guaranteed by the Constitution.  Normally, 1,000 people attend the rally, this time 50,000 are expected.


The Left wing State legislature that wishes to abolish gun rights takes office December 8th.


With the current political climate in the United States of violent confrontation by the Left, trouble is very possible.  It is a day that could turn the current “Cold Civil War” into a “Hot War” in one day.


This rally is sponsored by the Virginia Citizens Defense League.



What is this organization?  It is a group of normal Virginia citizens.  Who it defend the citizens against?  Either the Federal government or the Virginia State government.  In this case against the State government, as it is composed of Leftists wanting to destroy the lives of normal citizens.  This is what people believe.


Normal American people of the Virginia Defense league.  They are not racist Terrorists as much of the mass media is claiming.


In any case, the Left believes that normal citizens are their enemy, White people who wish to kill Black people.  This is Communist propaganda, the same as organizations like “Black Lives Matter” are Communist creations.


In spite of this, support from Black voters for President Trump has increased, from 16% in 2016 to 36%.  Most Black people are like anyone else, they want political stability and jobs so that they can raise their children in peace.  They are not interested in radical violent revolution.


Militias are forming, County Sheriffs say they will deputize thousands of people, all to protect gun ownership.  The State Governor says that any Sheriff who does not obey his orders will be fired.


The Bundy ranch incident of 2014.  American militia members came from across the country to defend Mr. Bundy from the Federal Government.  Notice the red and blue flags.  The red is the Marine Corps flag, the blue is the US Navy flag.  It means those men are veterans.



State legislators have said that the National Guard should be used to confiscate guns.  The command of the National Guard will not give a clear strong answer that they will obey the Governor.  Basically in response to question as to what they will do their answer is “No Comment”.  Many Guard personnel say they definitely will not obey such orders.


The Governor has offered a compromise, saying that present gun owners would only have to register their guns, but the people who are conservative do not trust this at all.


Frankly speaking the Left, for decades, has tried to force all of America to accept Transgenderism, and mass immigration among many other repellent ideas.


The Right are basically deeply Christian, Transgenderism is a great sin.  This is true, it is doing incredible harm to children simply for Corporate profit of Pharmaceutical companies.  Mass immigration means that very many rural middle class people have lost their jobs, it is very hard to exist.


The Right sees gun confiscation as the last step in their becoming slaves and extinct.  They will fight to protect their Constitutional rights.



Here is a link where the writer describes how police or National Guard units will be ambushed and killed if they try to confiscate guns.



It is an excellent description of how guerrilla war escalates.


Here is a youtube video of how to conduct military shooting exercises in preparation for civil war.


Getting ready to fight, a drill that will help you do it (ビデオのタイトルです)


This whole mess was started by Presidential Candidate Michel Bloomberg, who financed the Democratic takeover of the Virginia legislature last November.



He is now using this to promote his Presidential campaign with his platform being anti gun ownership.


This is appalling bad judgment.  Confiscation of guns is certain to start a violent civil war.  And Virginia is full of people who feel very strongly about this.


Watch the news around January 20th.  I think the only thing that can stop a civil war is if the law is not passed.  The rally on January 20th has a very strong possibility of decaying into violence, that could start the war.


Here is a link from a Delaware militia member who will attend the January 20th rally.  Listen to the video in the link.  He says that militia groups from across the nation will attend the rally, and are making preparations to keep it safe.  What this means is that they expect government violence.  That would start the civil war.  The fact is, about half of Americans do not trust the government.



Here we go, it is time to ride the tiger.


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