Friday, January 17, 2020

The Governor of Virginia has declared a state of emergency バージニア州知事が緊急状態を宣言しました。

The declaration refers to the upcoming gun confiscation protest scheduled for January 20th in Richmond Virginia.


This is an extremely provocative act.  And very stupid.  It is certain to to provoke violence.  I think that is the Governor’s intent.


A few days ago, I wrote on my blog that the possibility of Civil War in the state of Virginia had disappeared, when the legislature agreed to abandon gun confiscation.


Now the probability is very strongly back.  Here is a link explaining his declaration.


Here is his speech in full.


Now, what is reality?  First of all, there is much more violence by Leftists in America, not Right wing people.


The main stream media uses propaganda to make the Right seem dangerous, using words like Neo Nazi or terrorist to describe Right wing groups.  The article linked above mentions the oath keepers and the three percenters. (III%)

マスコミがプロパガンダで右派が危険とイメージを作って、ネオナチかテロリストと右派のグループを呼んでいます。上記のリンクで、宣誓キーパーと three percenters. (III%)を書いています。

The truth is, these groups help keep the peace at various political rallies.  In Oregon, for several years they have been protecting Republican party rallies from Leftist attack, because the police don’t come if called.  In fact, the police protect the violent Leftist groups in this region.


A three percent militia member on security duty

警備勤務中の three percent民兵組織員です。

Ever since the 2016 election, America has been in a state of partial civil war.


The speech by the governor of Virginia seems a lot like propaganda preparation for a violent event.  Since something 50,000 to 100,000 people are expected to come on January 20th, there are going to be a few who will talk about violence.


In my research for previous posts on this problem, I found many conversations on youtube how organizers are being very careful to keep people from being violent at this event.


I think the Governor of the State of Virginia is either deliberately trying to start a war, or is simply fooled and believes in Left wing propaganda.


Either way, this is a very dangerous proclamation.  He should have cooperated quietly with the Virginia Citizens Defense League in identifying trouble makers.


It is also very possible that the Deep State has planted people in the militia movement to intentionally start violence.  This technique has been used often by authorities.


The main problem is that normal, middle class Americans can no longer survive, because of predatory business practices.


The Federal government backs the corporations destroying middle class Americans, since they receive donations.  So middle class Americans feel that their only hope for survival is their guns.  If the government will not protect them, they will protect themselves.


This is why Donald Trump was elected, and America is near Civil War.  Let us hope for the best on January 20th in Richmond.


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