Wednesday, January 15, 2020

バージニア州内乱速報:一発も撃たないで、右派の勝ちです。 Virginia State Civil War updates: The Right wins without firing a shot

As I have written, the State of Virginia was in serious danger of Civil War breaking out in January.


The Left has given up.  On January 13th, thousands of NRA members showed up in Richmond Virginia and entered the Statehouse.  They can be seen wearing blue shirts or orange “Guns save lives” stickers inside the Statehouse.

左派は諦めました。1月13日、米国ライフル協会の何千人ものメンバーがバージニア州リッチモンド市州議事堂に入りました。下記の写真で、ブルーのシャツかオレンジ色の“Guns save lives” のステッカー付きを着ています。

Concerned NRA members in the Richmond Virginia Statehouse.

The Democratic majority decided to give up attempting to pass S.B. 16, the law that would have begun gun confiscation in the State of Virginia.

議会の民主党の大多数がそれでS.B. 16、バージニア州の銃没収法の可決を諦める事を決めました。

This is a major event in America and the world.  The Right is prepared to fight to protect their gun rights.  Any law enforcement person who attempted confiscation would have been killed, as would have Leftist State legislators.


In any case, law enforcement is on the side of the Right in this problem, they would not cooperate with such a Leftist government.


This is certain to help President Trump in reelection, and help prevent a National Civil War.  If Virginia had fallen into Civil War, National Civil War would have quickly followed.


This does not mean America is at peace.  There is still massive civil disorder in America.


A Sanders campaign staffer says that if Bernie Sanders does not win the nomination at the convention in Milwaukee on July 13th to 16th, Milwaukee will burn in riots and many police officers will be attacked.


And the whole country will burn if Trump wins in November.


He also compares Trump voters to Nazi’s and says they should be imprisoned in Soviet style Gulag camps, for reeducation, because those camps were not so bad.


He is just one staffer, most likely he will be fired, but many Left wing Sanders supporters feel that way.


Third wave Feminism is going into further weird fantasies.


They also want to make men second class citizens, leaving a few docile men for breeding.


The woman in the link below thinks that 90% of men should be just eliminated.


She doesn’t intend to kill them, but she thinks wars and fighting will kill many, and that we should design babies to be female, so that there is a 90% female to 10% male society.  That is fair she says.

彼女の提案は、男性を殺すではなく、数多くの 男性が争い、戦争で死ぬ、それと赤ちゃんが女性で生まれるように遺伝子を創るべきと思っています。9割が女性で、1割が男性の社会が平等と言っています。

This sounds weird now, but with the way Feminism evolves, it will be mainstream thought in a year or two.


American education produces overly sensitive, politically correct students who cannot function in a work place and have no job skills.


Left wing America has created a whole new social class by asserting that there are not only two sexual genders, but many, your gender is what you feel, reality is what you feel.


Racial violence is becoming much more serious.


All of these factors have combined to devastate the American military, producing a massive force that cannot fight.  I think the damage caused by political correctness is even more serious than the state of the military after the Vietnam war.


However, there is hope.  With this action in the state of Virginia, the Right has finally started to move to protect itself.  I hope they continue.  And they did not kill anyone, they did start violent riots, they did not shout.  They came to Richmond to show their concern.


And in Japan, we must not import these weird social ideas created by crazed American Leftists.


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