Friday, November 19, 2010

アメリカは尖閣諸島を守りますか? Will America really fight for the Senkaku's?

Will America actually defend the Senkaku islands for Japan? I think President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton were sincere in their promises to Japan.


However, President Obama's promise was not all that strong. According to Professor Juan Cole, a Middle Eastern expert at the University of Michigan, it is only a temporary promise.

しかし、オバマ大統領の約束は本当にそんなに強くなかった。ファン・コール氏、ミシガン大学 近代中東史学教授によると、一時的な約束です。
Quote from the article, in the Chapter, "Superpower with feet of clay"

リンクの記事から引用すると、“粘土の足の超大国”(feet of clay は英語の意味が、”もろい基礎”です。)



In response, the Obama administration quickly turned mealy-mouthed, affirming that while the islands come under American commitments to defend Japan for the time being, it would take no position on the question of who ultimately owned them.




Nicholas Kristof, a very influential columnist with the New York Times, feels that the islands are Chinese. He admits that America does have treaty obligations to defend Japanese territory, but he also points out that the American government refuses to make an explicit statement that the Senkaku's are indeed Japanese.

Nicholas Kristofさん、ニューヨークタイムズ紙の影響力のあるコラムニストの考えで、尖閣諸島は中国の領土です。アメリカは日米同盟で日本の領土を守る事を認めているけれど、アメリカ政府がその諸島が日本の領土で有る事を宣言していません。

The fact is, America is truly in the middle on this question. I believe that American elites want friendship with both countries. However, I don't think the average American feels so. Having lived in America, I know that the average American thinks about WWII like it was yesterday.


Very unfortunately, the average American has very little knowledge about the truth of events in WWII. But I can say that while most Americans would support defending Japan from an attack on the main inhabited Japanese islands, I don't think they would be so willing to go to war over uninhabited disputed territory.


So we really have to be careful about completely believing any American statement concerning the Senkaku's. Also remember, Americans have always dreamt of that China market. All China has to do in this is hint that they might buy American goods, and America just might throw it's relationship with Japan aside.


Remember, America is in a desperate economic situation, which in my opinion, has no solution. The Chinese don't have to really do anything, just hint, Americans will believe it.


In any case, I am sorry to say that President Obama is proving to be a very weak President.


President Obama bailed out US banks and financial institutions after the collapse of Lehman Brothers. He did not put anybody in prison. When I grew up in America 40 years ago, the types of financial transactions that caused the crises of 2008 would have been considered crimes.


Yet now it turns out the same people, in the same financial institutions and banks, have an even bigger crises on the way in the form of a foreclosure crisis.


President Obama has also not been able to hold his ground on the war in Afghanistan. When he became President, he promised to withdraw from Afghanistan by 2011. Well that is now being extended to 2014 or beyond.

This is one of the stupidest, most hopeless wars that America has every engaged in. It is much worse than Vietnam. After 9 years of fighting, the Afghan Army still does not exist.


The police are worse, they actively help the Taliban. And President Karzai is called "The Mayor of Kabul" by the international media because that is the only part of the country he controls.


Yet President Obama cannot give up the war effort, the military is forcing him to string it along.


And also, we must remember that the Republican party, with it's recent political victory by Tea Party members, is promising to fight against anything President Obama tries to do.


So can President Obama push through an order to defend the Senkaku islands from China for Japan, if it is unpopular in the United States? I doubt it.


In this problem, Japan is alone. In any case, the Japanese military is quite sufficient to defend all of it's territory, as I proved in my last blog post.


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