Friday, November 12, 2010

尖閣諸島ビデオについて Concerning the Senkaku affair video release

Well, a video of the Chinese fishing boat incident in the Senkaku islands has recently ignited a media storm.


But let's look at this realistically. We learned nothing new from this. We already knew that the Chinese fishing boat captain acted aggressively and arrogantly.


But I wonder why the government did not release the video themselves. It did not seem to be any great secret.


In any case, in this affair, China blundered. Other countries have rare earths, Japan and other nations are developing other sources for rare earths.


Japan and Vietnam, a traditional rival of China, are developing close ties.


And China, while it's economy is booming now, might be facing a dark future. There are at least 12 major new cities under construction, but nobody lives in them. It looks like the beginning of an economically dangerous massive real estate bubble to me.


I have before had experience on television debates in discussing with Chinese people such things as copyright violations.

The Chinese side was very defensive, they said they had changed things like the eyes on the characters in the Chinese Disneyland knock off. Well, in the international business community, this kind of thing is not tolerated. And in the television debate I told them so.

China has suffered great damage to it's prestige over the recent Senkaku incident. They looked like a big bully. And since then, their Navy has been patrolling their side of the line. I think that is really to prevent more Chinese fishing boats from causing trouble. Well and good. We will patrol our side of the line.


But I also think, by backing down, and sending police to break up demonstrations about the affair inside China, the Chinese government has made a tacit admission that the islands are indeed Japanese.


It would make China look like a horrible monster if they revived the question at a later date.


So let us give China some time. I think they have learned a lesson here. I hope in the future they take a more correct attitude towards international relations and business.


And after all, China is our neighbor, we have to get along with them. And I think they will learn something from this.



きゃらめるせんざい said...

Hi,nice to meet you.
I'm japanese student and i'm very interested in your blog.
I often come to see how one Americen think about Japan like you^^ Your blog is worth a look for me.

Not only you wonder why the Japanese government did not release the video themselves,but also,of course many Japanese wonder that, so they look at some strange behavior of the government criticall more and more in these days:(

Max von Schuler-Kobayashi said...
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Max von Schuler-Kobayashi said...

Hello Monsieur petit Papa Noel!

In French, your net name means ちびサンタさん。 Are you a Japanese student in France, or are you studying French? I do speak reasonable French. In my next post, I will write, "第3日中戦争”
Please enjoy!

きゃらめるせんざい said...

Oh I'm sorry but i am Mademoiselle petit papa Noel. You can call me きゃらめるせんざい.
I'm student in Nagoya in Japan and learning English and French, so i can speak the both of them, but i don't have confidence in myself so much>< Ok, i'm waiting for your news.

Au fait, i'm also running my blog.
If you have a time, you can come here!