Monday, September 26, 2011

アメリカ、8月はデフォルト危機、9月がシャットダウン危機です。 In August it was default, in September, we have the possibility of US Government shutdown

Last month we nearly had America go into default because the Tea Party blocked crucial legislation to raise the American debt limit.

Because of the Tea Party/Republican actions, America came within 12 hours of financial collapse. Republican leaders promised that they would never put the nation and the world in such danger again.


Well, they broke their promise.


This time the fight is over FEMA funding. FEMA is the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Democrats want funds to be included for it, the Republicans want funds to be cut.


If they cannot agree and cannot pass the legislation, the US government shuts down on September 30th.


The American Democratic Party is particularly angry. They feel that the President has compromised too much with the Republicans. The thing is here, as I have written before, the American Republican party is dominated by the Tea Party, which is in turn controlled by business interests and the Christian Fundamentalist movement.


The Christian Fundamentalist movement wants to turn America into a Theological state. From what I have read of the statements of such Tea Party politicians, they regard bipartisanship, the compromise and cooperation between the Democratic and Republican parties for the good of the nation, as a sin. They have often stated that they will use force to achieve their goals.


The more this happens, the greater the chance for a misstep, and American, then worldwide financial collapse.


President Obama has tried to reassure Prime Minister Noda that America is a trustworthy partner. However, America seems to be unable to cease playing these dangerous games.


In any case, the legislation will only fund the United States government up to November 18th, before that, they have to find more money.


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