Wednesday, July 16, 2008

日本の漁業燃料コスト Japanese Fishing Fleet Fuel Costs

In recent days the news have been filled with stories about Japanese fishermen striking because of high fuel costs. In my opinion, we are going to have to return to the age of sail. Germany has tested a sail kite on a merchant ship, which achieved fuel cuts of 10 to 15%. It is estimated that yearly fuel costs can be cut by 10 to 35%.(see links)


This could be useful in going to and returning from fishing areas. Eventually, sails could be added so that fishing activities would be conducted by sail. New fishing ships should be built to mainly use sail. Diesel engines would only be used to enter and leave port.


Fuel costs are not going to get any cheaper. In America, the trucking industry is being hit very hard by diesel fuel costs. There is less and less oil in the world, costs will only continue to rise. We have to find solutions to continue our life without oil.


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