Sunday, July 6, 2008

Where I work   私の仕事場

The company I work with is Tokyo Salonisti. The president, Mr. Sasaki Akira, is one of Japan’s premier violinists, a graduate of Tokyo’s prestigious Geijitsu Daigaku, Japan’s foremost university of the arts. Almost all the musicians who work with Tokyo Salonisti are also Geijitsu Daigaku alumni, comprising one of the most impressive collections of musical talent in Japan.

I perform Christian weddings at the Fujiya hotel in Kofu city Yamanashi Prefecture. It is the largest hotel in Yamanashi, which is the old country called Kai, well known as the home of one Japan’s most famous Daimyo’s, Takeda Shingen. Near Kofu city, is the famous Shosen gorge, which is beautiful in any season, and well worth a visit. And please stop by the chapel at the Fujiya hotel, it is quite impressive.

山梨県甲府市富士屋ホテルで、キリスト教結婚式を行っています。このホテルは山梨県で有名な ホテルです。山梨県は昔甲斐の国と呼ばれていて、武田信玄の古里でした。甲府市の近くに有名な昇仙峡が有ります。どんな季節でも奇麗です。富士屋ホテルチャペルへ一度いらっしゃて下さい。とても美しいです。
In Tokyo, I perform weddings at the French restaurant L’Alliance in Kagurazaka Tokyo. Kagurazaka is an ancient exclusive district dating from the Edo era. If you stroll through Kagurazaka today, you can still feel the atmosphere of old Edo. In fact, many of the foreign residents of this district are French. Last fall, L’Alliance received it’s first Michelin star. The chef’s, Mr. Segal from France and Suzuki-san from Japan, create excellent cuisine.


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