Friday, February 27, 2009

アフガニスタンニュース速報 Afghanistan News Flash!

Check it out in the February 27th entry of Juan Cole.


He gives some detail. Apparently Nancy Pelosi is involved in the back channel talks, as well as Iran. Well including Iran makes a whole lot of sense, we both have the same goals in Afghanistan, stability. The Bushies always refused to include the Iranians, because of that pro Israel Neocon blockage.


Professor Cole lists some 5 different Taliban factions, the most intransigent being that of Mullah Omar. Well he might just find out the rest of the Taliban abandon and turn on him.


So this puts the American "surge" in that country in the light of a negotiation tactic in pursuit of something beginning to look like an actual political solution.

それを考えると、これから、アフガニスタンにアメリカ兵の "サージ"(急増)は交渉の手かも知れません。もしかしたら、オバマ政権は、実際政治的な結論を探しているみたいです。

Very welcome news indeed.


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