Wednesday, February 4, 2009

日本の小学校での英語教育 Teaching English in Japanese primary schools

I have read that English will now be taught in Japanese primary schools. Frankly, I do not think this is a good idea. I think it is much better that primary school students spend time learning proper Japanese before going into a foreign language.


I think that starting English in High School to be quite sufficient. By this time, students should have a proper grounding in Japanese language and culture. I think this is very important. American English and popular culture is frankly a mess, and I think students should be mature before they come into contact with it.

英語の勉強は高等学校から始まる事で十分です。高校生に成ったら、生徒たちは基礎的日本語と日本文化を学んだでしょう。これはとても大切と思います。アメリカの英語と若者文化は、正直に言うと、めちゃくちゃな事です。これを教える前に、学生たちはある程度の年齢に成った 方がいいと思います。

Also, besides English, I think that languages such as Chinese, Korean, and Russian should be offered. In the near future, these countries will become very important for Japan, and I think we should offer students a choice.


I do not ascribe to the theory that it is necessary to expose students at a young age to a language. In my high school in the rural US, German, French, Latin, and Spanish were all offered. They were not required, it was the student’s choice whether to study them or not. I studied three years of French and German, and still speak them today.


The main requirement for learning a language is personal desire, and students do not develop that until around the high school age.
I think that primary school should give a basic education as good Japanese citizens, before moving on to foreign affairs.


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