Friday, August 24, 2012

”ウォール街を占拠せよ!”の予想 The "Occupy Wall Street" forecast

The American Democratic party will hold it's convention from September 4th to 6th in Charlotte North Carolina.


And the Republicans will have theirs from August 27th to 30th in Tampa Florida.


The "Occupy Wall street" has been quiet since last May.  However, they are planning big protests at the conventions.


At the Republican convention, 15,000 Occupy Wall Street protesters are expected to come.


At the Democratic convention, the protests could be even more disruptive.  This is because while there is certainly no love between the "Occupy Wall Street" movement and the Republican party, they feel betrayed by the Democrats.  The Democrats are supposed to take care of the Average American.


The truth is, the situation of America's Middle Class is as bad as ever, and getting worse.  People have no hope.


One thing that I have noticed about the "Occupy Wall Street" movement is that it has taken on a definite Marxist type of philosophy.


Well this is understandable.  The American Middle Class is being destroyed by Corporate greed.  Yet I see Japanese leaders who think that Japan should obey America in every way.


I do not think it is wise that we create a society in Japan with such inequalities as America, and that Japanese people should live lives that are as miserable as Americans.


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