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オスプレイ墜落最新情報 Osprey crash updates

With this post I am putting a list by Carlton Meyer of Osprey V-22 crashes.  American authorities have been trying to say that there have only been 4 class A accidents, but the truth is 23 such accidents for the Marines, and 4 for the Air Force.  The Air Force crashes are not listed below, only Marine crashes.


My readers will quickly note that many crashes are simply not reported.  Another way to hide problems with this aircraft is to not report grounded aircraft.


Military slang for such planes is "Hanger Queens".  this means an aircraft that has so many mechanical problems, it spends most of it's time in the aircraft hanger instead of flying.


Such aircraft are used for spare parts.


Grounded, unusable Osprey aircraft.


In the link above, Mr. Meyer gives us some numbers.  After Congress demanded that the Marines give a report of exact numbers of Osprey aircraft in their possession, On June 3, 2009 this report was finally made.


The Marine Corps claimed to have 105 Osprey aircraft.  Of these, only 47 were listed as combat deployable, 29 were not usable, 27 were only used for pilot training.  Two more were paid for but not received.


It seems that another game being used by the Marines is label problem aircraft GIA, Ground Instruction Aircraft.  However, in this case, doesn't it mean that the aircraft is too dangerous to fly?


This is a very high rate of unusable aircraft.  Yet Bell Helicopter claimed it had delivered a total of 155 aircraft in this time period.  So 40 are missing.  What are the reasons for not reporting so many problem aircraft?


Mr. Meyer provides figures for another Air Force transport, the C-17.  188 had been delivered to the Air Force, in 2009 only one was unflyable due to an accident.


As a former American Marine, what really angers me here is that these numbers games, mean deaths of people.  Marines die needlessly.  Average civilians will die if these planes crash off base.


In the Marine Corps, it is expected to risk your life.  After all, you are a warrior.  Yet when your equipment, such as this aircraft, is so risky, this is a crime.


And we are supposed to protect civilians, not risk their lives every time we fly an aircraft.


But it seems that for Corporate America and many people in the military, profit is more important than safety.


The crash list. 

Reported は報告されました。
Not Reportedは報告していませんと言う意味です。


Serial Number     MV-22 Number     Mishap Date      Description of Class A Mishap
163914     04     20 Jul 1992     Reported; test aircraft crashed near Quantico VA; 4 killed
163915     05     11 Jun 1991     Reported; test aircraft crashed on runway; (photo)
164942     10     12 Feb 2003     Not Reported; test aircraft overstressed (photo); scrapped
165433     11      08 Apr 2000     Not Reported; hard landing at Marana, AZ; scrapped
165434     12      Unknown     Not Reported; scrapped 02 Oct 07
165436     14      08 Apr 2000     Reported; crashed after roll over at Marana, AZ; 19 killed
165437     15        Unknown     Not reported; overstressed; GIA at New River, NC; photo above
165438     16        Unknown     Not reported; overstressed, GIA at New River, NC; photo above
165439     17        Unknown     Not reported; overstressed; scrapped 13 Sep 2004
165440     18      11 Dec 2000     Reported; crashed near New River, NC; 4 killed
165441     19       Unknown     Not reported; overstressed; GIA at Pensacola FL
165442     20       Unknown     Not reported; overstressed; stored at NAVAIRSYSCOM
165844     30     11 Apr 2012     Reported; crashed in Morocco; two killed
165948     49     6 Nov 2007     Reported; in flight engine fire; heavily damaged; stored a New River, NC
166385     53     28 Mar 2005     Misreported as Class B; hydraulic/engine fire at New River, NC
166388     55     21Aug 2007     Misreported as Class B; nose wheel collapse during emergency landing at Yuma, AZ
 166389     56     27 Mar 2006     Misreported as a ground mishap; scrapped 14Jul09.
 166390     57       Unknown     Not Reported; damaged; stored at New River, NC
 166480     59      10 Jul 2006     Misreported as Class B; engine destroyed by compressor stalls; emergency landing in Iceland
Unknown     Unknown     21 June 2008     Misreported as Class B; engine disintegrated during flight;  emergency landing in Jordan.
 167902     113      11 Jul 2011     Reported but not counted in the Okinawa report; crewman killed by cargo while in flight, Afghanistan
 167910     121      May 2009     Misreported as Class B; Engine seizure and fire while in flight
Unknown     Unknown      09 Jul 2012     Report Pending; Cross-shaft failure required emergency landing at Wilmington NC

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