Tuesday, August 14, 2012

韓国大統領イ・ミョンバクさんの天皇陛下についてのコメント President Lee Myung Bak and his comments about the Emperor

Well since I posted, President Lee has just added more fuel to the fire with his remarks about the Emperor.



People fighting for independence in Korea during the Japanese era, there were almost none.   After anti Japanese demonstrations in 1919, there was virtually no armed resistance to Japan's rule inside Korea.  At the most, there were something like 1,500 guerrillas in the very northern part of the country.


The truth is, while many people did go into exile, Korean people inside Korea basically collaborated with Japanese rule.  Of the few Korean guerrillas who penetrated into Korea, they could not count on help from the populace.


There have been more people killed fighting post war South Korean governments than ever fought against Japan.


Cheju in 1948, 60,000 dead.



And there was Gwangju in 1980.  The government admits to 144 dead, however other estimates put the number at 1,000 to 2,000.



Once Japan took active control, there was never, ever such a revolt against Japanese rule in Korea.  Frankly, the Koreans always want to play the card victim card, but the actual history does not bear this out.  President Lee should study his history more deeply before demanding more apologies.


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